1. Christopher Philips says

    Could u email me some info on this wasp because we live in Wyoming n i hav started to see this wasp everywhere. Thank you

  2. emma says

    hi i am emma my dad is a allegtto them and it has beena whole 2days and he got bit about 6 times on his arm and they are verybig and sollown and now his face is too and can they kill some one if they are ellerget to them

    plese get back to me asap at emma@planet

  3. brett says

    i got stung by a white and black bee that looked just like this one and i am allergic to any kind of bees
    what should i do

  4. Jo-Ann says

    We have theses wasps on our acreage in Alberta. They seem to nest in the ground. My husband was stung on the foot 3 times while cutting the grass. His foot was incredibly swollen and red. We ended up at the doctor’s office the next day because it was so infected!!!
    Any ideas of how to get rid of them???

  5. admin says

    Hi Jo-Ann,

    I’m sorry to hear that your husband was stung. This was taken at my sisters acreage just outside of Calgary. Unfortunately I don’t know how one would get rid of them. I’ll check with my sister and see if she has any ideas.

    I hope your husbands foot is better now.


  6. Jonathan says

    Hey everyone, I am 14 years of age, and I’m very sorry for all the problems you’ve been having with these wasps but I think I’ve had the worst, I fell asleep on the lawn and awoke with 27 stings and over 40 wasps on my back. I’m not allergic to these wasps thankfully so I’m fine. But, I have dug up some seamingly valuable information. First off, they are callled Mason wasps. Second, they’re highly aggresive (duh). Third, they built nests from the ground up, the nests look like something a 3 year old would make in pottery class (not joking). Forth, (This is the best quality they have) They stockpile spiders in great numbers for their larvae. I hope this information helped you out some. If you need anymore information E-mail me at —-, I also have a facebook — Kaboose Jonthan. DON’T GET STUNG! Jonathan.

  7. thomas says

    that aint no mason waps ill tell u typ the name inta gooogl and wat cums up r somthin looken difernt. and i finded this waps in a nest on my roof not in the ground!

  8. admin says

    Ok gang. Thank you all for your input here. You all are offering some great information and help in identifying this wasp. I am by no means a bee or wasp expert, but I have done some of my own research and this is what I have come up with.

    I believe that this is call the bald-faced hornet. Don’t let the name fool you because it is not a hornet, but related to the yellow jacket wasp. They are very common in the southeastern United States and southern Canada and known for their football shaped, paper nests.

    You can read more about them on Wikipedia . I also found another site that was helpful. See Bald-Faced Hornet.

    If anyone else knows anything more about them, please let us know.

    Hope this helps. :-)

  9. thomas says

    it says that they r found in south eastern and western parts of the US but i found a nest in Wisconsin?

  10. JD says

    Thanks for the info. They are common here in the Western Kootenays/Rockies. These bald-faced hornets ARE extremely aggressive
    in response to their nest being tampered with and the more common leather jacket/wasp pales in comparison. These hornets can sting repeatedly as their stinger does not dislodge like others. I usually knock their football – like nests out of the trees with a well placed stick/rock as I do not like their presence around the homestead. I just received a sting in the lower eyelid as a result of trying to undo their nest. I had thought about putting on some saftey glasses + paid the price for my laziness. Needless to say, I better appreciate their uncanny speed as this one insect darted into my face in an instant and from a great length.
    Indeed, I will leave them be from now on -LOL. These hornets are not very agressive when away from the nest, but damn, their sting is not so pleasant….so be wary.

  11. washington state says

    found a nest twice the size of a basketbaal in my back yard, shot it with .410 OOO bout once a da for a week and they rebilt it overnite everytime.i found brake clean kills bees faster than ne be killer u can bye at the store.sparyed a couple cans inta the nest and killed a lot of em. of corse i got stung a few times but whatever no biggie. got sick of looking at the nest and shot it with a 12g 000 and that was the end of the nest. they havent rebilt.problem solved.clorinated brake clean worked the best.

  12. Jeanna Ryder says

    I was also stung by one of those bee’s ?? I was picking up pears and the black and whites were in with the yellow and whites…I never have any reaction ,,but this time i did been 2 days my hand is sollowen , hot , and itchy. I’ve never seen these before. I’m from Indiana

  13. julie wilson says

    could you please email me some info on this insect. im curious to know about their sting and whatever else you can tell me. the one we found was much larger then ever seen by us and i was wondering how their size differs thank you.

  14. Jennifer Wilson says

    Hi Julie,

    I don’t really know much about these wasps except for what I am learning from everyone’s comments here. It has been interesting to me to hear the experiences different people have had with this mysterious breed of wasp.

    You might be able to find more information about them from this site

    I hope this helps.

  15. tom says

    hey m tom I’m 15 and I’m from Moama NSW australia and yesterday i was stung by one of these wasps and now my finder is all swollen as i have read all theses comments these wasps are from america and i have never seen one of these wasps till yesterday can someone email some info about this wasp so i can lear about it and know how to fix me finger

  16. Wilson says

    YES, that is a bald-faced Hornet. They are common in the Kootenays/BC. They do look like a wasp(or rather yellow jacket), but are larger and black/white. They live in huge football shaped nests that hang relatively high in the trees(where I live, anyways). If you disturb their nest, they will dart for your eyes
    and subsequently sting. They are extremely quick and accurate as I suffered a bite just beneath my
    eye upon getting to close. Pretty shocking skills for an insect. Live and let live or suffer the consequences.
    The more common leather jacket is a joke in comparison.

  17. says

    Hey everybody umm my name is john i am 14 years old i live in NC my dad recentley cut the lawn and was stung by the bee or wasp maybe even hornet i went to japan 1 year ago and there was a type of hornet there called the japense hornet it was blue black and white a cousin to this type its sting was deadly but the sting of this wasp is not my dad is ok but the sting happened yesterday on his foot i will report the after affects whenever they occur

  18. Eddie says

    Just thought I add by saying, Bold Face Hornets are now living in Quesnel, BC. I haven’t found a nest as of yet. And, I witnessed their aggression towards each other, over something in particular…food, space, whatever I do not know. But, they would dive bomb each other. If any one is tracking them, recording data, what have you. And,they were quite aggressive, constantly flying close to your head, neck and shoulder area…really annoying.
    Dog plays with them in the grass…can only assume he hasn’t been stung yet. Kids, so far okay…and, us the parents…no stings.


  19. sophia says

    I’ve seen these and I live in the UK, also saw a wasp very similar to the yellow jacket, except much bigger with mostly black body and thinner yellow stripes.. anyone know what kind of wasp that is?

  20. Mark Barratt says

    I found one today on my up stairs window and i live in uk , first one i have ever seen over here

  21. jason says

    i have seen these wasps/hornets in my garden this week in dudley in the uk i have never seen them before

  22. frances says

    ok so all i know is that we have a nest that resembles well it looks the color of pottery but is not that strong its kinda like cardboard in looks anyways and its maybe 4 inches from ground and hangs in a flower bed, it contains god only knows how meny bees and yes they are very mean, the last 2 times i have mowed the yard well tried ive been stung the first time it was only once but yesterday it was three times but there was more then 6-10 bees on me.and so this brings me to ask how do i get rid of the nest i have grandchildren and my mother and of course kids and myself and i really am concerned with the safety of all and so if anyone at all can tell me how to get rid of them without someone getting really hurt and without going broke getting it done please and thank you for all valuable information

  23. lori says

    We have these in our yard but I don’t think the nest is in our yard. My son said he saw someone on the news that said they had these but the nest was in the ground and their son ran through the yard and fell through and was stung literally to death. we are supposed to weed a large weed pile but now no one wants to go to it for fear of pulling a weed with a nest attached. I want to know the same as everyone else? Are they ground or mud or paper nests? We live in Illinois 20 minutes from Wisconsin border. pest control wont or rather can’t help until we find the nest. So now what?

  24. Tony says

    It is a bald-faced hornet I live in Pembroke, Onatrio, but we are on the border of Quebec. So on our roadtrip in Quebec we stopped at an old friends cottage that was rundown and never used due to the poor shape of it from spring floods. We found a nest on their porch 13″ wide,12.5″ Tall, and had the biggest white and black bees I had ever seen, and super aggressive. I put a bag over it and pinned the bag tighly to the porch roof. One hand holding the bag the other hand scraping the hornets nest of the roof with a wood stove shovel.(dustpan). It cleanly removed it dropping into the bag, twisted it up and had it home within’ 40 min. The process of taking it down took all of 20 sec. maybe less.. thank god because I never got stung by one hornet! I have the nest, pictures of it, the core of it was removed and have photos of it aswell. It measured at 8″ at the widest section,and 7″ long, with 6 tiers of combs. This nest ist just awesome I’ve tried to count how many holes there are in it but its impossible. If I was to guess I’d say that there are 2500 anyways . If anyone wants some pics I’ll send them to you.

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