1. says

    it seems that acvording to whoese site you go t, the Titan either has an emply weight of 260 tons or 300 tons. Whish is it?

    sincerely, mort

  2. Jennifer Wilson says

    Hi Mort,

    According to the picture that I took of the Titan’s specs the following weight of this Titan is as follows:

    Net Vehicle Weight: 520,400 lb.
    Payload: 700,000 lb.
    Gross Vehicle Weight: 1,220,400 lb.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Brent Phillips says

    I used to work for the Terex Dealership in Colorado when the Titan was built. I worked on smaller trucks, 100 ton or less. Always wondered what became of that truck. Good to hear it was saved from the scrap yard.

  4. Jorge says

    Well… maybe this is the titan.. but is not better than TEREX 6300 Mining Truck… the capacity of the MT6300 is 400 tons……


  5. says

    Largest yes but with ten wheels
    iwant to know the cost operation compare to six wheel gigants like Caterpillar979
    Liebherr T282B
    Look’s like a road palace

  6. Johann says

    The Caterpillar 797B is at present the world’s largest truck with a payload of 380 tons and total payload of 700 tons..

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